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Coffee Is My Spirit Animal


It is Sarah!  :)  I am in love with Coffee and let me tell you, I take a lot of pictures of my coffee cups. 

I used Maggie Holms' Bloom Collection. I have six pictures I will be using fofor this layout.  I love taking pictures of my coffee cups and they happen to be Starbucks cups.  The green floral paper is gorgeous and I love how it works with this layout.  I am using the dicuts from the Latte Love Collections. I decided to grab all the coffee beans in the pack to use it as border between the picures and paper.  I really like the way that looks!


I decided to use the stickers of Coffee Cups and place them on top of the Tags to add little bit of boarder and fun to the layout. I also used the two flaire buttons that are cups to put on the pictures to add little touch of flaire! I really love the flaires as they are completely flat and not indended at all!  It makes for easier placement on the layouts.

I rounded out my layout with some of the diecuts to finish out the layout.  I did my journalling at the top of the page, explaining about my love for coffee! 

This completes my layout and I hope you enjoy watching my layout.

Please check out the shop and talk to you soon!

Miranda Webber

Cheeky Curator

Have a Latte In Your Life!
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