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Laurie Leahey – Social Media Cheeky Chick – New Jersey



I've been married for 8.5 years to my husband Mike and we have an almost 2-year-old little girl named Daphne. (She's the subject of most of my layouts these days.)

I've been scrapbooking since high school, so it's been 15+ years. Scrapbooking must be genetic because my grandfather kept scrapbooks when he was in the war and when my mom was growing up. And then my mom kept scrapbooks and photo albums as an adult, and it was actually my mom who got me interested in scrapbooking as the art form it is today. She eventually stopped scrapbooking, but my passion for the hobby took off, and then a few years later, I got her back into it, and then she started turning me on to new techniques and tools. So if it hadn't been for my mom and a Creative Memories consultant way back when, I wouldn't be here today!

I'm currently on the design team for The International Scrapbook Garden and now Cheeky Studio.

My scrapbooking style can probably best be described as "evolving". I used to be a very traditional scrapbooker, but I've recently jumped on the mixed media bandwagon and have experimented with adding other elements and techniques, which has definitely elevated my traditional way of looking at my layouts. I do include mixed media on many of my layouts. (It's just too fun not to!)


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Facebook: cookscrapcraft

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Google+: LaurieLeahey



Natalie Bowers – Social Media Cheeky Chick – United Kingdom



Natalie Bowers is a paper crafter, story scavenger and memory keeper who lives in the south of England with her husband and two children. A gregarious loner and shameless eavesdropper, she can often be found haunting the dark recesses of coffee shops and cafes, her pencil poised above paper. When Natalie is not writing and doodling, she is both arting and crafting in her office or binge-watching YouTube tutorials on the sofa. She also likes to trawl charity shops for vintage paper and comb local beaches for sea glass. Natalie has overcome severe depression and anxiety and now happily shares the story of how she is recovering by discovering wellness, resilience and purpose through creativity, mindfulness, prayer and planning.


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YouTube: Natalie Bowers
Facebook: natalie.e.bowers
Instagram: @crafting.out.loud
Pinterest: nembow
Blog: Natalie Bowers: Living Out Loud



Julie – Social Media Cheeky Chick –




I'm Julie I'm wife to Darren, mum to 4 and Nanny to 1 and 1 due in August. I adore my family and scrapbooking our lives together. I'm a glass half full type of person with a bubbly happy demeanor.


My scrapbook style is traditional with my unique spin on it as you will see. I also dabble in mixed media. I've been crafty all my life and been card making over 30yrs but I favour 12x12 scrapbooking which I've only been doing for about 3 years when my daughter introduced me to it, I'm completely hooked!


I’m the founder of inspired by memories a challenge and inspiration group with over 1700 members. I love to present memories in a beautiful way and guide others to do the same. My website and group now have 6 sponsors and I'm delighted the hard work has now paid off. I'm a scribbler too and my notebook goes everywhere with me for challenge and sketch ideas. I hold online crops too which although hard work are great fun and now increasingly popular. I love to challenge and to be challenged.


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YouTube: juliewickens






Laura Alberts – Social Media Cheeky Chick – Mississippi


Laura is an avid crafter, always creating and experimenting with new styles. She dabbles in Mixed Media and is always up for a challenge! She is obsessed with florals and textured elements, you never know what will show up on her layouts!  For 18 years, she’s enjoyed the world of paper crafting, especially connecting with the amazing community of scrapbookers everywhere.

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YouTube: lauraalberts1984
Facebook: takingascenicroute
Instagram: takingascenicroute
Pinterest: takeascenicroute



Tuesdae Hubbard, Owner – Texas


I have a wonderful, but absolutely crazy family consisting of me, Allan....AKA "BAB", my oldest daughter, True and my youngest daughter, London. It is a mad house here, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

I started scrapbooking in 1998 after being introduced through a Creative Memories party.  I have always been crafty and very domestic so quilting, cooking, cross-stich with beadwork, mosaics, crochet, house decor, etc.  I have loved it all, but scrapbooking has stuck through the years.  

I would have to say my biggest influence for art and living a traditional homemaking life was from my mother.  I grew up with a garden and greenhouse year round for fresh foods and herbs out in the country.  We always went to the local dairy for fresh milk.  She sewed my clothes when I was a child and was an avid cooker with organics.  In the sunroom was always an easel with a painting in the works, usually oils or acrylics.  What we didn't have, we made. 

My main Design Team rolls have been small, Tupelo Designs and The Pink Camera.  Creating Cheeky Studio has been a lifelong dream.  A career in art has been something I have longed for since I can remember and now I finally get to make a go of it.  

I would describe my style as a mix of clean and messy, always changing and challenging myself to improve or try something new.  My color palette tends to be monochromatic and soft in nature.  


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FB: Cheeky Studio

FB Group: Cheeky Studio Group

Twitter: cheeky_studio

Youtube: Tuesdae Hubbard 

Insta: Tuesdae Hubbard

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